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We are expert in replacing boiler, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, electrical switch gears.

Our Mechanical construction capabilities include heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing and process piping. We support these activities with internal sheet metal fabrication, spiral duct manufacturing, and offsite pipe fabrication facilities.

HVAC Building Systems. Install new and retrofit existing building systems. Supports included air handling units, terminal units, hydraulic systems, and ductwork, piping and all ancillary accessories and controls. Process equipment installation and maintenance, cooling towers, chillers, boilers, drive installation and repair, pump and motor mounting, installation and repair of vacuum systems, glass lined vessel patching, centrifuge repairs and rigging.

Energy Efficient Building Systems. Install new and up-graded existing building energy systems, such as infrared gas-fired radiant heat, fuel cells, and geothermal water source heat pumps.

Pipefitting. Install process piping, chiller piping, utility, sprinkler systems, sewage systems, steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, Teflon, cast iron, lined pipe, glass, plastic, clay tile and fiberglass piping of all sizes.

Welding. Electro fusion and soldering, electric arc, heli arc, MIG, brazing of steel, plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy and copper.

Steam Systems – Steam Piping, underground steam system maintenance and repair, underground steam pipe replacement, underground steam pipe installation.

Preventive Maintenance. Services and consulting.

Insulation – Piping, ductwork, roofing and building insulations.

Duct Fabrication – In-house fabrication capability to fabricate ducts for our projects.

Building Automation

Building Automation and Controls have become an essential part of many projects performed by SCM. With propriety systems and highly touted interoperable systems which are so predominately advertised throughout the industry, owners and managers are constantly faced with tough decisions. HVAC, security and lighting are a few of the systems which have become commonplace in the Building Automation arena.

Owners and managers are too often saddled with multiple systems utilizing multiple front end computers and software to control and operate each system or, in many cases, different buildings. This presents numerous problems and inefficiencies, not to mention, the additional training and proficiency issues associated with each of the systems. In many cases, owners do not want to make the substantial investment of upgrading existing building automation systems. Additions to the facility typically contain new control systems which often do not communicate with the existing systems. SCM specializes in establishing the intercommunication our clients desire, but have not been able to achieve.

SCM provides highly technical yet simplified solutions to our clients building automation requirements. Our goal is to provide our clients with a common computer interface which can utilize the information from multiple automation vendors to provide both monitoring and control capabilities. Our staff employs personnel who understand the complex problems of intercommunication between automation systems. SCM has dedicated substantial resources to test and evaluate building automation systems. Our in-house test bench is used to test and substantiate interoperability between systems from multiple vendors. Our test bench utilizes a common computer interface to provide control of LON, BACnet, lighting and security devices.

Roofing and Waterproofing

SCM offers complete roofing-related services, including new roofing, re-roofing, roof restoration, repair, maintenance, and below-grade waterproofing. We also offer all sheet metal trims to include fascia, soffits, drip edge, G-stop, rake edge, gutter, downspout…etc. From massive commercial facilities to small industrial buildings, no job is too large or too small for SCM. We offer proven expertise in all roofing services, systems and materials, including:

  1. Single-Ply Roofing MembraneThe list of manufactured single-ply roofing membranes is long, including Vulcanized Elastomers such as EPDM and Neoprene; Nonvulcanized Elastomers such as CSPE, CPE, PIB and NBP; and Thermoplastics such as PVC and EIP. Each manufacturer provides material specific warranties on these single-ply membranes. SCM is experienced and familiar with each type of single-ply membrane. We know their benefits, their limitations, and we are trained in all manufacturer-recommended installation procedures.
  2. Polymer Modified Bitumen RoofingPolymer modified bitumen membranes are engineered waterproofing materials using asphalt-based bitumen and APP or SBS polymers. Modified bitumen membranes are attached to the substrate by hot asphalt, heat fusing or cold-applied adhesives to form a strong, flexible, puncture resistant material. They combine the reliability of time-proven hot asphalt-applied BUR roofing systems with the modern benefits of flexible plastic additives and polyester/fiberglass reinforcement roofing technology.
  3. Built-up Roofing (BUR): Applied over commercial property low-slope roof decks, a BUR bituminous membrane consists of two or more plies of fiberglass reinforced felts saturated with bituminous materials. Deck separator sheets, base sheets and various  surfacing options are not considered components of the waterproof membrane.

  4. Commercial Steep Roofing: Many buildings are designed to present the impression of traditional steep roofing when viewed from street level. The visible portion of these “mansard style” roofs may employ metal, composition shingles, clay tile, concrete tile, slate, wood shingles or shakes
    as architectural surfacing for the waterproof underlayment and associated trim and metal flashings attached to the steep slope deck. Proper installation and repair of these steep slope deck systems requires careful and knowledgeable consideration of many factors, including deck
    support members, deck construction, insulation, underlayment, fasteners, adhesives, caulks, high wind uplift considerations, edge metal, trim, metal flashing, surfacing style, and color. SCM understands the complexities of steep roofing.
  5. Wall and Below-Grade WaterproofingSCM also offers entire exterior building envelope waterproofing solutions. We are expert in the application of modern waterproofing systems and materials, including asphalt, coal tar, butyl rubber, EPDM, PVC, modified bitumen membranes, emulsion, one- and two-component fluid-applied elastomerics, hot modified asphalt, betonites, penetrating sealant and 100% acrylic emulsions.

Bullet, Blast and Forced Entry Resistant Systems

SCM’s services consist of doors, windows, ceiling, wall, and floor armor to meet your protection needs. Our services are protecting officials in the highest levels of government and industry. Our products can meet UL 752 Level 8 Standards for Ballistic protection. With regard to blast capability, our products meet or exceed GSA Level C or D blast criteria. Our forced entry products have been tested to meet the 60 minute criteria of the Department of State standard.

Our doors can be manufactured from aluminum, steel or wood and can be fitted with a number of glass and hardware options. Our aluminum and steel windows can be fixed, projected, casement, storefront or curtain walls. This includes an operable blast window; a product that allows escape while still offering the same high levels of blast protection. We also offer a wide assortment of locking devices, baffles, and transaction hardware. Whatever your protection need, SCM can accommodate you.

  1. Doors. Single or double doors manufactured from aluminum, wood, or steel.
  2. Windows. Large selection of models to meet the expected threat and the needs of the designer.
  3. Wall Floor and Ceiling Armor. Fiberglass, rubber baffles or steel available to meet up to UL 752 Level 8.
  4. Transaction Hardware. A complete line of drawers, deal trays and communication devices are available.

Professional Services

SCM is committed to identifying, advocating and implementing a broad range of cost-effective, site specific solutions to the construction and building industry. SCM routinely performs work under the following Standard Industrial Classifications Codes (SIC) as well as the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) are as follow partial lists. These lists illustrates that SCM has extensive experience covering numerous aspects of the construction industry. Projects completed range from highly specialized building automation to the more routine general civil construction. Typical projects and services include interior renovations, new construction, electric, mechanical, plumbing, abatement, roofing and water proofing services and installations. Our other specialties include installation and removal of storage tanks and the removal, testing, monitoring and disposal of hazardous material.

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