Specialty Construction Management, Inc. (SCM) is a woman-owned and operated business providing professional construction, maintenance services throughout State and Local Agencies throughout Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. Located in Hyattsville, Maryland, SCM has performed and completed various General Construction, Electrical, and Complex Mechanical Projects since 1997. Our customers include but is not limited to the DGS, Prince George’s County General Services Administration, and the Fairfax County Schools. While working at these facilities, SCM has adhered to the strict code of Quality Control and Safety. SCM will continue to provide excellent service with the qualified and experienced staff.

General Construction and Interior Architectural Work plays a vital role in construction projects by framing structures such as Drywalls, Framing, Painting, All different types of floors, roofs, and staircases.

SCM, INC is a reputable and versatile construction company that specializes in a wide range of services including mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and interior work. With our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, they provide comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

In the Area of Mechanical work, We provide and Install Chiller, Boiler, Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Various Mechanical Systems. This includes the construction and assembly of complex machinery, such as conveyor systems, industrial equipment, and manufacturing processes. Our skilled technicians ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of these systems, promoting seamless operations for our clients.

Our Plumbing Construction offers reliable services for the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems in buildings. Our experienced plumbers possess a deep understanding of plumbing codes and regulations, enabling them to handle a variety of tasks, from installing pipes and fixtures to detecting and repairing leaks. SCM prioritize quality craftsmanship and use high-quality materials to ensure durable and long-lasting results.

Specialty Construction also specializes in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. We have a team of experts who design, install, and service HVAC systems tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. From central heating and cooling systems to ventilation and air filtration, We create comfortable and energy-efficient environments that promote productivity and well-being.